Jaquet Droz

Pierre Jaquet Droz born in 1721 near Neuchatel in Switzerland, stands out among watchmakers of his era for his manual ability, attention to detail and his ability to apply mechanical principals to the art of watch-making.

He designed and built mechanical birds and animated dolls, or automata, to help his firm sell watches. His astonishing mechanisms fascinated the kings and emperors of Europe, China, India, and Japan

The automata of Jaquet-Droz are also considered to be some of the finest examples of human mechanical problem solving. Three particularly complex and still functional dolls, now known as the Jaquet-Droz automata, are housed at the art and history museum in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Jaquet Droz  was acquired in 2000 by the Swatch group, who have now re-established this historical company as a mayor player in the super-luxury category of watch brands.